Candidate Training Program (CTP)

The CTP serves as an bi-partisan incubator for cannabis activists and industry operators who are ready to make the next step and run for elected office. Through our staff, board of directors and advisory board, the program gives potential candidates the tools they need to build, fund, and win their campaigns, which includes:

  • Launching your campaign 

  • Developing campaign messaging

  • Utilizing Volunteers

  • Effective fundraising strategies 


CTP Mission

To increase the number of cannabis friendly social justice advocates in public office through recruitment, training and providing a powerful network.  


Who We Are


We will be the only political organization aimed at recruiting, training and providing a powerful network for cannabis friendly candidates with our staff, board members, and volunteers. CTP provides its candidates with virtual training programs that will enable community members with any level of political sophistication to run for office. CTP’s goal is to expand operations to new regions often where cannabis patients are lacking representation and access. In addition to serving as a resource aggregator, CTP will also act as a resource sharing mechanism, allowing candidates to share volunteers, information, funding, and other critical campaign resources. CTP will be a collaborative endeavor as we will seek to establish partnerships with local non profits and political groups who empower the community.


Why Cannabis Activists and Industry Operators? 

  • Cannabis activists overwhelmingly support progressive causes based on principles of equity and social justice.

  • When community members who support cannabis hold public office they are more likely to be empathetic to issues that disproportionately harm vulnerable populations such as gentrification and the War on Drugs, and are more likely to support policy solutions that protect at risk communities such as increased funding for affordable housing and needle exchange programs. 

  • Community based cannabis activists are more likely to be responsive to constituents, more likely to avoid political grandstanding and unnecessary conflict, and more likely to engage in bi-partisan collaboration. 

Our Curriculum

Participants initially attend a 2 day "candidate boot camp" to get 30,000 foot view of what it takes to run for office and what will expected of them. The next phase is the basic program that will meet two weekends a month for three months for a total of 35 hours and receive comprehensive training on the following topics:

  • “Should I run for Office, and if so which one?”

  • “What does it take to run a campaign?”

  • Public Speaking and Communication

  • Fundraising

  • Media and Messaging

  • Networking

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Field Operations

  • Labor and Endorsements

  • Technology and New Media

  • Cultural Competency

  • Ethical Leadership

2021 Course Schedule 

Initial candidate boot camp: May 15-16, 2021


Basic training program: 1st and 3rd weekends of June, July, and August of 2021

CTP Staff

CTP staff consist of renown campaign directors and consultants, lobbyists, current and former political staffers, attorneys, and other political strategists. Many CTP’s trainers have been involved in successful campaigns and initiatives. They come from backgrounds that span over fundraising, direct mail, field strategy, communications, press management and campaign messaging. Collectively that have been involved in every facet of politics and elections.


Where We Train

We are proud to offer all of our services virtually, allowing us to train candidates wherever they may be located. 

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Please reach out with any questions or concerns to info@join-ccp.org