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Employment Protections for Cannabis Consumers


During the last two decades over half the states in this country have legalized cannabis for either medical and or recreational use. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have implemented employment protections for medical cannabis patients.  


However, in California, consumers can still be denied employment, or fired for testing positive simply because they are medical cannabis patients, even if they used it days or months before. The result is to unfairly discriminate against qualified workers and oftentimes compel them to depend on extremely addictive opiates.


Legislative Priority: Given the current opiate epidemic we are facing in this country, it is imperative that the State of California finds a solution to give medical cannabis consumers equal protection under the law, while at the same time ensuring that workplace safety is not compromised.

Consumer Tax Relief 


Over the last few years we have seen that most of the cannabis tax burden is increasingly passed on to the consumer. Because of this, cannabis consumers have seen a drastic rise in the price of cannabis products and many patients are forced into the illicit market. 


These overly burdensome tax schedules encourage consumers to turn to the underground  market, which in turn puts consumers at risk and only helps to expand the illicit market, making it harder to shut down.


Legislative Priority: To ensure the safety of consumers, reduce the current tax burden to assist in the eventual elimination of the illicit market and ensure the success of the regulated legal market.


Expanded Access To Cannabis Products 


Since California has legalized cannabis for adult use in 2016, there is a lack of local access for cannabis consumers across the state. This is largely due to the variance in local government policies throughout the state. It is one of our key priorities to work with the state and local municipalities to help expand access for legal, regulated cannabis for consumers  across California. This will help ensure that consumers are obtaining safe and tested products while at the same time curtailing the illicit market and increasing the tax base for both state and local governments.


Legislative Priority: Increase availability of legal, regulated cannabis throughout the State to ensure access to safe products for consumers and to mitigate the safety issues related to the illicit market.

Consumer Focused Product, Business and Employee Certification 


Due to the wide range of products and potencies that are available to consumers, it is important that cannabis employees at cannabis businesses, especially those who sell cannabis directly to consumers have been properly trained on all aspects of the products they are selling and how to use them. 


Legislative Priority: Provide for standardized training for those working directly with patients and consumers in the cannabis industry.

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