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Nate Bradley

Executive Director, Cannabis Consumer Policy Council



I am writing today to introduce you to the Cannabis Consumer Policy Council (CCPC). The CCPC is designed to give consumers and other consumer advocacy groups a vehicle to address issues of importance to consumers, employers, employees and government officials.


Since leaving my career in law enforcement and becoming a medical cannabis patient 10 years ago, I have dedicated my career to working on Cannabis Policy Reform. After launching the California Cannabis Industry Association 7 years ago, I’m excited to focus on  protecting cannabis consumers, my personal passion.


The coalition we have built for CCPC includes cannabis advocates, veterans, athletes, labor leaders, business, and public policy experts, who all have a personal vested interest in ensuring that cannabis consumers have a voice in today's post legalization era. By partnering with Labor and and other professional organizations, the CCPC gives consumers and other advocacy groups equal representation in the legislative and regulatory process. As part of this effort, the the CCPC has formed strategic partnerships with the Teamsters International and the United Cannabis Business Association.


I am very excited to announce that renowned cannabis activist, Valerie Leveroni Corral, along with retired All-Pro NFL player and Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Brown -- have both joined CCPC’s Board of Directors. Their knowledge and experience will be instrumental in guiding and directing CCPC’s advocacy efforts to protect and represent consumers. Click HERE for more information on them and to see CCPC’s complete Board of Directors. 


This year is already ramping up to be a busy one for us. Stay tuned for more information on the CCPC 2020 Policy Summit (click HERE to learn more), CCPC’s 2020 Policy Priorities, and CCPC’s Partner Program. 






Nate Bradley 

Executive Director

Cannabis Consumer Policy Council 

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